The Unconventional Adventurers Travel Guide

The truth is there are a million resources regarding travel that tell you, “I don’t believe you visited Ireland without trying a Guinness” or “You haven’t really experienced New York without visiting Times Square.”  or “I can’t believe you saw the leaning Tower of Pisa and didn’t take a picture of you pretending to push […]

Growing Ski Towns to Keep an Eye On

As someone who skis for a living more or less, I am always interested in skiing mountains and locations that are wild- uncharted, untouched, and/or not well known by commercial skiers.  Fortunately with my job as a ski patrolman, I often get to ski areas of my amazing mountain that are unavailable to commercial skiers, […]

How to Take the BEST Photos on Your Adventure Vacation

I’m all about the adventure travel and experiencing the most beautiful, incredible places for yourself, but there is something to be said for having amazing photos to show to others who weren’t there, or perhaps couldn’t manage such an adventurous trip.  So for me, it’s important to have documentation. Even better, having creative documentation.  I […]

Future Adventure Trips

As someone with an insatiable desire for adventure and conquering the unknown, I was pumped to come across the “Ultimate Adventure Bucket List 2013,” by National Geographic.  Some of these places are just absolutely mind-blowing, I don’t think I’d ever chance a free BASE climb a mountain face, let alone one of the world’s most […]