Greg Limeberry: Travel in the USA

Greg Limeberry, of Salt Like City, Utah, has a taste for adventure.  He makes his living as a ski patrol at Snowbird mountain, one of the greatest alpine skiing and snowboarding locations in the west.  He loves his job, as skiing is his passion, but he also loves adventure off of the slopes.  Greg Limeberry travels as much as he can, preferring outdoor trips that involve camping, hiking, and exploring the unknown.

imagesOne of his favorite trips was right in his own state of Utah.  Greg Limeberry and his wife traveled to Zion National Park, in southern Utah, to hike the Zion Narrows, a beautiful, yet difficult canyon hike.  The hike is known for its awe-inspiring beauty, with gorgeous turquoise waters to be discovered in certain spots, and dark red sandstone walls that reach up to 2,000 feet at their highest and the trail itself narrowing to 20 feet wide in certain spots.  While the beauty of the place is definitely a pull, what attracted Greg Limeberry to this hike was the part of the hike (more than half) that involves trekking through the Virgin River- waters reaching waist-high with large, slippery stones underfoot.  He and his wife spent a long weekend camping at various designated locations along the trail and exploring every nook and cranny of the trails.

imgresAnother memorable trip for Greg Limeberry was backpacking in Glacier National Park in Montana, home to over 700 miles of trails.  Greg Limeberry spent 3 weeks exploring the trails with a few friends from college.  They were fortunate enough to spot grizzly bears (around 300 of them make their home in Glacier National Park), moose, and mountain goats.  With such extensive trails, there isn’t much in the way of monitoring the trails, so aside from planning their trip carefully and checking with the park staff for any warnings/hazards to be aware of, Greg Limeberry and his crew were on their own to explore the park and carve out their own adventure.  It was one of his most treasured and unforgettable experiences to date.

Greg Limeberry was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take many other adventurous trips within the USA, such as hiking in the grand canyon, helicopter skiing in the Ruby Mountains of Montana, and climbing mount McKinley in Alaska, to name a few.  In the future he hopes to explore more of the USA, and begin to find some adventures overseas.