Future Adventure Trips

Greg LimeberryAs someone with an insatiable desire for adventure and conquering the unknown, I was pumped to come across the “Ultimate Adventure Bucket List 2013,” by National Geographic.  Some of these places are just absolutely mind-blowing, I don’t think I’d ever chance a free BASE climb a mountain face, let alone one of the world’s most challenging summits, and to imagine someone putting themselves up to that challenge/extreme risk invokes sentiments of being completely horrified yet deeply in awe and having a profound respect for this individual.  That being said, I still don’t think I’ll ever feel the compulsion to take such a terrifying and life-risking journey.  That being said, there are quite a few on the must-do list that I intend to start planning for my future trips.

While surfing in Hawaii would be amazing, I’m more of a cold weather guy, so one trip I’d love to start with is Ski-Touring in British Columbia.  I have been on countless ski trips and skiing is more or less how I make a living, but it really never gets old for me.  I love being out in the crisp, cold air, cutting through the fresh powder; every run feels like a new opportunity.  Ski-touring in this area, in a small town that’s relatively uncharted by the masses- I can’t think of anything I’d love more.  I have a group of friends whom I know would enjoy this as much as I, it would be great to take my first trip outside the U.S. to travel to British Columbia.  It would be such an ideal trip since it has every aspect of what I’m looking for in a vacation- solitude, adventure, and the opportunity to face the unknown.  I’ll definitely have to start my planning for this as my next adventure.

Another adventure on the list that caught my eye was the biking trip around iceland.  While I do like to mountain bike, it has not been something I have focused my adventurous efforts on for some time now.  Again, this would be another trip outside the country, but it would be beyond worth it.  The trip allows you to say you have seen an entire country, along with “lush green valleys with winding rivers, massive waterfalls, geysers that go off every five minutes, glaciers, volcanoes, fjords, and icebergs.”  I know it would be an unbelievable and Greg Limeberry Skiingunforgettable experience. However, I’ll have to dust off my mountain bike and start getting used to riding that on more difficult terrain before I tackle the entire country of Iceland.

At some point in the future I’d love to take to take a solo trip somewhere in the wild.  I know this could be dangerous, but I would be sure to get very good training beforehand, and pick a location in the wild that was uncharted, but not too wild.  These trips have been said to be somewhat scary at first, but everyone I know who has gone on a solo adventure has come back with a newfound understanding of themselves, their lives and the world at large.  I think this extreme alone time; time for self-reflection, meditation and being with nothing but your own thoughts is something that everyone in our in this chaotic day and age should and needs to experience.  I know I need to go on one of these adventures one day; I’ll let you know when I nail down a location.